HR Online

Online HR solutions for businesses

As part of our services, we offer online HR solutions to our clients with over 400 handy HR documents, guides, toolkits, contracts and forms, accessible through our online HR portal.

Due to the growing need for swift solutions to ad-hoc HR issues unfolding in the workplace we have created an online HR database accessible to our clients at any time, anywhere.

All documents accessible on our online HR portal have been fully vetted and approved by employment law advisers.

HR Online

HR online portal

Whether you need access to step-by-step guides to setting up absence management strategies or standardised policy documents for a specific situation such as starting a disciplinary action, our HR online portal has access to all your required documents, instantaneously.

Our HR online portal also provides other functionalities, such as storing files you upload and sending messages directly to our HR experts for when you need additional support.

You can amend standardised forms to suit your needs and save these in the portal for you to reuse as you wish.  This way, all your HR related documentation and communication is stored safely in one place.

Standardised online HR letters

Communication is fundamental in all matters of HR. As an employer, you are required to ensure that in any situation the right person is notified at the right moment and with the right message.

In events such as resignation, job acceptance, redundancy, pay increase, the outcome of grievance or disciplinary procedures and more, companies must notify the employee in writing.

To make sure your communication flows smoothly through your organisation, we offer standardised letters for just about any situation you can think of, which will save you time and money and avoid any confusion for your employees.

Online recruitment and HR induction packages

From the time you post your initial job description to the time the successful candidate finishes their probation period, a lot happens.

As the employer, you need to ensure the employee is completely set up and the employee needs to ensure that they have given you all the information that is required.

Many forms will be going back and forth from the vacancy authorisation form, all the way to probation review forms, and to save you time and money, these forms have been set up for you.

Online HR portal

Staying up to date with employment law

Staying up to date with the latest employment law changes can prove a real challenge, so in addition to full access to our HR online portal and remote support services from our experts, we also keep our clients up to date with the latest and upcoming changes in employment law that can affect them.

Being aware of these changes is crucial as failing to abide by new laws can cost your company dearly. We also understand that employment law issues can arise during any time of the day, especially if you are working in the services sector, which is why we are proud to say our advice helpline will always be available.

Bespoke or standardised documentation

If our HR+ or Pro clients require bespoke employment contracts or employee handbooks we set these up to their requirements and request. Our HR experts are aware that for many companies standard documentation will simply not suffice, and will create completely bespoke HR documentation meeting the needs of your organisation, such as employee handbooks.

Advice is based on the ACAS Code of Practice.