HR Support for the call centre industry

People management solutions for call centres

Call centres operate in many different industries and have a vital role to play in ensuring customer satisfaction and maximising sales.

Call centres are fast-paced and dynamic environments, often with large numbers of employees.

HR Support services for Call Centres

Call centres can face a series of conflicting pressures and tensions, but having a good HR strategy can help keep your employees engaged and striving to meet both individual targets and the aims of the whole company.

The importance of excellent customer service

Excellent customer service is central to the call centre operation, but poor people management can limit the talents of your staff and hinder their ability to look after your customers.

The types of HR issues faced by call centres often include:

  • Difficulty retaining staff
  • High levels of absenteeism
  • Poor levels of motivation and engagement

Call centres also have a unique set of health and safety issues which, by law, organisations must account for.

PeoplePoint HR has experience working with call centres of various sizes, and our industry-specific consultants have a solid understanding of the HR issues they face.

HR Support services for Call Centres

Engaging employees in the call centre environment

Employee engagement is one of the biggest issues faced by call centres and is linked to other HR problems such as:

  • Low productivity
  • High absenteeism
  • High staff turnover

Creating the right working conditions for all employees is a vital part of ensuring your organisation’s success.

Having an employee engagement strategy in place is important to continue to motivate your employees and encourage productivity.

A good place to start is by conducting an employee engagement survey to find out what concerns your staff have and finding out what motivates them.

Conquering Absenteeism in call centres

Several studies have shown that the call centre industry tends to suffer from higher than average levels of non-attendance, and in 2016, CIPD revealed that an average of 5.3 days is lost per employee every year in this sector.

Absenteeism costs the customer service industry around £626 million a year.

High levels of absenteeism can have a huge impact on the quality of service; with fewer employees available to answer calls, waiting times increase and staff will be under pressure to spend less time on each call.

Call center staff management

The negative effect of high absence in call centres

When a team member is absent, extra pressure is put on the remaining staff, and this can gradually lead to low morale and poor engagement.

If no action is taken, bad habits can spread among your present staff and encourage an attitude that absenteeism is acceptable.

The best way for a call centre manager to reduce levels of absenteeism is to keep your staff motivated through effective coaching, a rewarding pay and benefits package, and a positive company culture.

It is also important to identify in your disciplinary policy what the consequences of persistent absence are, and what action will be taken.

Problems with staff retention in call centres

Work in call centres is tightly controlled and repetitive, which can lead staff to lose motivation and move on.

Few opportunities for progression arise within call centres, which means that staff are unlikely to stay at the company long enough to learn about the business and progress to other departments.

There is a trend among call centre employees to only work within the sector to fill an employment gap or before moving on to a different career.

Effects of poor staff retention

Every time an employee leaves, there is one less member of trained, experienced staff to assist new recruits in learning the ropes.

Recruiting staff is also very costly, so call centre managers should consider how they can encourage their staff to remain within the company.

Offering opportunities for training and development, nurturing the talent within your organisation, and continuing to motivate your staff are just some of the ways you can improve staff retention.

Call centre people management

How PeoplePointHR can help with call centre management

Our HR consultants have specialist knowledge of call centres and the type of issues they face. PeoplePointHR will work with you and your managers to devise bespoke HR strategies for your call centres which allow staff to perform to the best of their ability and help your business avoid the common pitfalls of absenteeism and poor staff retention.

Having good HR strategies in place will enhance the productivity of your staff and enable them to deliver a better service to your customers.

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