HR support for the dental sector

HR solutions for dentist and practice management

Managing a dental practice can be tough.

After many years of studying hard to become a dentist, many are often left feeling overwhelmed when it comes to actually running a dental practice and facing the new challenges that it brings.

Dentists have to quickly learn new business skills to ensure that they are able to run their practice and manage all areas of the business. This is difficult given that it is dental skill and not business skills which have formed the basis of most dental practices.

HR support for the dental sector

Managing a dental practice

The best way to address this problem is to enlist the help of experts who know your sector and can provide you with expert advice and guidance on all areas of managing a dental practice, including managing staff.

PeoplePointHR works with a large number of dental practices across the country and assists them in a range of areas from providing general business support through to compliance, health and safety, recruitment and management of all staff.

Strict dental sector regulations

Dental practices are governed, funded, audited, controlled and monitored by a whole host of third parties that each have requirements to be met. Some of the standards that dental practices are required to achieve are dictated by organisations such as:

In addition to the outside influence of third-party organisations, it is important not to lose sight of the importance of HR and the role it can play, with specific attention being given to iindustry-specificissues.

HR policies for the dental sector

The use and maintenance of policies and procedures shouldn’t just be a tick box exercise to meet the standards of your routine three-yearly NHS inspection. It is important that dental practices remain on top of legal requirements in the intervening years.

By doing so not only will you fulfil your obligations as an employer but you will add value to your practice, its management, which in turn will drive performance.

HR support for the dental sector

Recognition and appraisals

Appraisals and employee feedback give drive and direction to your workforce. Employees need to feel valued and to know that that they are contributing to the overall aims of the business.

A properly functioning appraisal system is the best framework to achieve this result; it spurs your employees to work better and smarter.

The use of appraisals will also highlight deficiencies in your workforce and operation, in terms of knowledge and skills gaps and will help you identify training requirements.

From an employment law perspective, appraisals also provide legal protection with regards to capability and performance monitoring. A documented paper trail is invaluable to rely upon.

Discipline and grievance

Even the best-laid plans will see every practice manager need to address disciplinary issues with employees.

Unhygienic working practice, contravention of working practices or poor customer service will need to be addressed at some point.

Timely, awkward conversations regarding disciplinary issues can make the difference between creating a valued employee and one that infects other employees with their poor standards.

HR support for the dental sector

Stress issues in the dental sector

Stress in the workplace is a significant and growing issue for many. It can impact on morale in the workplace and the productivity of all. Then there is the cost, each bout of anxiety and stress-related illnesses leads to an average absence of over 30 days, this is a major loss to any business.

Stress management

Implementing a stress management policy and conducting regular reviews of risk assessments regarding possible causes of stress will help protect your business.

It is important to develop and foster a supportive framework and working ethos that follows the Health and Safety Executive’s management standard guidelines.

Practitioner Advice and Support Scheme (PASS)

PASS schemes are run by each local dental committee as devised by the British Dental Association, it offers support and mentoring to colleagues that are experiencing difficulty, with the view to resolving issues and disputes without the need for a formal investigation.

Its scope is to:

  • Identify practitioners whose performance could give cause for concern
  • Provide practitioners with expert help, guidance and support
  • To provide assurance to the public and the profession as a wholeHR support for the dental sector

How can PeoplePointHR help?

PeoplePointHR can assist you in putting into place a structured plan that will ensure that the key requirements as set out in the Primary Care Dental Clinical Governance Framework are met.

We are also able to provide support and guidance to address the criteria as set out by the NHS on some of their key themes which include:

  • Child protection
  • Prevention and public health
  • Staff appraisal & personal development plans
  • Patient involvement & choice

Some practices may, however, have challenges that go beyond the usual HR policies and procedures. Our vast experience in this sector means that no matter what the problem, you can rest assured that we are fully equipped to deal with it.

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