HR support for health and social care sectors

HR services healthcare

PeoplePointHR supports businesses across the healthcare sector with full HR support services. The healthcare sector has many unique challenges such as:

  • Compliance with regulations
  • Employment of foreign workers
  • Recruitment of staff
  • Health and safety regulations
  • The management of large numbers of part-time staff

HR services healthcare

PeoplePointHR supports the public and private sector

We work with both public and private healthcare organisations and our specific knowledge in this industry allows us to develop unique solutions to overcome these challenges.

Regulations HR services healthcare

The sector is heavily regulated, and there are various frameworks within which the organisations must operate. Within these, there is an emphasis on people management and health and safety, which means that organisations must have robust policies and procedures in place to ensure compliance.

The high standards set out by the regulations have an impact not only on training and skills required of the workforce but also in terms of employee relations and how disciplinaries must be carried out.

Breach of regulations

Where there is a potential breach of regulations, the need to discipline an employee must be considered within the context of employment law and the requirement to act reasonably as an employer.

Not only can our HR experts assist with these types of issues, but we can also support your organisation with compliance of the regulations themselves.

Right to work documentation

The health and social care sector is known to be particularly diverse which places a requirement on organisations to ensure that foreign workers have the correct right to work documentation. This can be an onerous task and one which can result in significant fines if not handled correctly.

Our experts can analyse your process for dealing with the right to work checks, and we can either put in place a more efficient model in your behalf or support you with making changes to ensure you have complied with the regulations whilst also saving costs and promoting efficiency.

HR support for health and social care sectors

Working Time Directive

The Working Time Directive was introduced to promote the health and safety of workers, which is important in this sector as it directly impacts upon the safety of patients. The directive limits the maximum working hours of employees to 48 hours in a given week, as well as instituting requirements for minimum rest and annual leave allowances.

Shift work

The heavy use of shift work and on-call rota systems can also cause employee relations’ headaches particularly in relation to the calculation of pay.  Further, the restrictions on the maximum weekly hours worked, set out by the Working Time Directive and issues such as sleeping on shift, work against the necessity of the sector to provide round the clock care to vulnerable people.

PeoplepointHR can help organisations comply with Working Time Directive in a manner which allows them to operate a quality service for the benefit of patients.

HR support for health and social care sectors

Management of staff in the social care sector

Managing staff in the healthcare industry presents unique challenges for a number of reasons. The sector is known for having high staff turnover which is made worse by the shortages of staff available on the market.

Managing high levels of stress

Part of the problem relates to the high levels of stress that medical professionals are exposed to which means that they may leave the sector completely leading to a shortage of professionals or choose to practice privately where the environment and atmosphere are much more relaxed.

The effect of Brexit on the healthcare sector

The situation looks set to get worse when Britain exits from Europe and the immigration laws are further tightened to control the number of foreign workers entering the country.

One of the ways that healthcare organisations can combat this problem is to increase their staff retention rates. This can be achieved by setting up initiatives such as an employee wellness program targeted at improving the health of staff and in doing so boost their abilities to do their jobs well.

HR support for health and social care sectors

Increasing staff retention

Increasing staff retention can also improve the profitability of healthcare organisations by increasing employee productivity and satisfaction, which in turn lowers staff turnover rates and the associated costs.

Further challenges in relation to the management of staff relate to complying with regulations relating to the employment of individuals and the involvement of trade unions.

Running background checks and checking professional qualifications

All healthcare organisations are required to perform thorough background checks including validating medical and professional qualifications on all employees in order to protect patients and patient confidentiality.

Running these checks can be an onerous and difficult task given that large numbers of potential employees come from overseas.

PeoplePointHR services

PeoplePointHR can assist your organisation with all aspects of people management and ensure you are complying with the relevant legislation.

Our team of experts can assist you with the day-to-day management of staff as well creating robust policies and procedures to meet the unique challenges in the healthcare sector.

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