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An in-house employment law solution for your business

Access to expert employment law advice 24/7 with Legal Pro

PeoplePointHR provides specialist UK employment law advice and tribunal representation services to employers from a wide range of organisations in different sectors. All of our experts are legally qualified and ILEX professionals who specialise in employment law.

Our legal experts have sector-specific knowledge and experience, as well as a broad knowledge of UK employment law meaning that you receive pragmatic, straight forward and commercially sound advice to resolve any legal problems.

In-house legal solutions

Our holistic approach gives you a true in-house legal solution without the inconvenience of adding lawyers to your workforce.

Whatever your HR issue, our employment law experts can provide you with free advice on UK employment law to help you resolve the situation quickly.

Our Employment Law Services

Many organisations require high level, technical advice when it comes to managing the many challenges relating to employment law and employment tribunal claims.

There may be times when you need legal advice to validate an action you are thinking of taking or there might be a need for representation and support for a matter which is progressing to an employment tribunal.

Our UK employment law experts are available 24/7 to provide you with the necessary support and guidance, allowing you to concentrate on running your business.

Legal advice for organisations

We advise organisations on all contentious and non-contentious employment matters.

Organisations are advised to seek the help of a qualified legal professional where an employee issue involves a particular legal or commercial risk. Taking advice from experts can minimise or eradicate the risk of reputation damage and costly legal bills.

Our employment law services include advice on:

Disciplinary procedures, grievances and dismissals which may pose a particular legal or commercial risk. For example those involving issues around potential discrimination or whistle-blowing claims.

Where we will assist with the planning and implementation of any proposed business re-structure, ensuring that decisions and actions are legally compliant.

Transfers of an undertaking, contracting in and out and due diligence services.

  • Senior-level exit agreements

We advise and negotiate on your behalf and draw up the relevant legal agreement to protect your organisation in regards to senior-level exit agreements.

Development opportunities for your senior managers and in-house HR team on any topical legal issue.

Whatever your HR issue, our employment law experts can provide you with legal advice to help you resolve the situation quickly. If you are an employer and in need of employment law advice, contact PeoplePointHR today on 0330 555 2555.

Employment Law experts

Employment tribunal representation

Where you are unable to resolve a dispute involving a member of staff they may take you to an employment tribunal to resolve the dispute.

This can be a very stressful and time consuming process which requires expert advice in order to resolve successfully.

PeoplepointHR will always act in your best interests as well as seeking to ensure, as far as possible, that you avoid having to attend employment tribunal hearings.

Employment settlements

If a matter is capable of settlement before proceeding to a tribunal we will support you by negotiating on your behalf via ACAS or an employee’s legal representative. We take robust action to ensure that any agreement reached is on terms favourable to you.

In the event that a settlement cannot be agreed and you are required to defend a case to tribunal hearing, our legally qualified advocates will manage the case on your behalf and represent you at the hearing to obtain the best possible outcome.

Our services include:

  • A full review of the case and advice on the prospects of success
  • Drafting of your defence
  • Full case preparation including the gathering of witness statement and associated actions
  • A commercial approach to dealing with your case with an assessment of any costs and compensation payouts so that you can properly consider any risks
  • Advice on the merits of an appeal if necessary
  • A review of the causes of the disputes and recommendations for changes or improvements to avoid it happening again
  • An assessment of the likelihood of your defence being successful
  • An indication of any potential compensation pay-outs


  • You very competently achieved the very difficult objective of bringing to life the minefield that can be employment law. I picked up some very useful tips, and have already implemented one idea into my business that I am sure will hold us in very good stead for the future!

    Adam, Director, Easionline Recruitment - Kent
  • PeoplePointHR are professional and up to date regarding current HR legislation. As a small business, I don't have the time to worry about HR issues. The PeoplePointHR team are a pleasure to deal with and always accurate with their information.

    Charlotte, IAIM CIMI QBYT MIPTI,Director, My Baby Time - Congleton
  • We believe that much of our success is based on exceptional customer service and our ability to deliver results. We have only been able to achieve this by having the right people in our team. PeoplePointHR have played a key role in ensuring that we recruit the best and will continue to help us manage our people and the responsibilities that go with employing people ongoing.

    Abdul, Director, Carter Law - Manchester
  • Before I was scared to take proper action against people who were driving the business down for fear of an employment tribunal, but by having the benefit of a human resource consultant working with my business I was able to bring about the change required to take my business to the next level and reduce the stress levels amongst the good staff.

    Trishan, Principal Dentist, Cavendish Dental Practice - Derby
  • Specsavers Runcorn was one of the easiest IIP assessments that I have done. It was clear on speaking to one of the Directors, Chris, that this was as a direct result of the support that they had received from an HR consultant from PeoplePointHR

    Carol, IIP AssessorIIP Centre of Excellence
  • At inception the firm quickly brought in an experienced HR consultant from PeoplePointHR to work with the firm long term on developing staff management policies and procedures and provide continuing support to the partners as they grew the business, providing a structure for growing and managing staff and working with the management team to ensure the partners and managers were able to move the firm forward as envisioned.

    Anne, IIP Assessor, Centre of Excellence
  • Working with PeoplepointHR has enabled us to develop a tailored People Development Strategy which is in line with our organisational values. The PeoplePointHR team have been on site and available to help with developing the formal practices we needed to launch a revamped appraisal system as well as responding to ad-hoc HR queries along the way.

    Collette, Head of Finance, Polymorph - Runcorn
  • I found your toolkit on Absence Management to be really useful. Not only because it provides a clear explanation of exactly what I need to do and gives me the forms and everything that I need to manage absence here, but also because there is the opportunity to ask questions relating to my own workplace and the absence issues that I am dealing with daily.

    Julie, CIPD, People Services Officer, St Ives Group - London
  • The advice and support delivered by PeoplePointHR has been professional and practical. They continue to be a regular go-to point for us, helping us to be sure that what we are doing is legal, safe and appropriate from a compliance perspective and won’t get us into trouble further down the line. The employee handbook that they provided has been invaluable in helping us to manage and get the most from our staff on a day to day basis.

    Danny, Business Owner, Huddlespace - Manchester
  • As a small but perfectly formed market research agency we were looking for bespoke strategic support to help us achieve our targets for growth. Working with the directors of the business, PeoplePointHR quickly understood our needs and soon became part of the team offering practical HR support and thought provoking business development sessions.

    Katie, Associate Director, Ci Research - Wilmslow