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Essential HR support for your business

All your HR needs covered in one package, so you can focus on what is important

MyHR™ is a remote HR support service which can be accessed during standard business hours providing essential documentation, advice and insured support for small businesses.

The service combines our telephone and email support, making it an ideal fit for small businesses dealing with any issues regarding HR, employment law and people management.

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My HR Benefits

HR Affordable


Affordable fees for small businesses

HR Upgrades


Upgrade to MyHR+ at any time during the contract term

HR Starter Pack

Starter Pack

Standard contract of Employment and standard employee handbook

HR Support


Unlimited telephone and email support for two users; Monday to Friday, 9am-5pm

HR Updates


Employment Law and HR updates quarterly and when changes in the law occur

HR Protection


Option to add on Legal Expense Insurance to protect against Tribunal costs and Awards

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Learn More
HR Pro
Standard contract of employment
Standard employee Handbook
HR Risk management Report
Bespoke employee handbook
Bespoke contract of employment
Access to our portal, with access to HR documents and guides
Free access to our webinars and seminar training days Onsite Support
Client support
Telephone and Email support Mon-Fri 9:00-17:00
Unlimited Telephone and Email support for multiple users 24/7 Onsite Support
HR Risk management Report
Dedicated Account Manager
Industry updates
Quarterly updates on Employment Law and HR updates
Employment Law updates as changes occur
Bolt Ons
Option to add on Legal Expense Insurance
Option to add on My Defence service
Upgrades possible at any time
10% Discount on additional support services
HR Solutions
Handling disciplinary/ dismissals and grievances Onsite Support
Mediation Onsite Support
Absence Management Onsite Support
TUPE Transfers Onsite Support
Redundancy Management Onsite Support
Performance management Onsite Support
Recruitment Onsite Support
Equality and diversity Management Onsite Support
HR employment and regulation compliance service Onsite Support
Leadership and management development Onsite Support

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    Why should I outsource HR?

    Why should I outsource HR?

    A growing number of organisations, of all types and sizes are now choosing to outsource their HR.

    There are a number of reasons for this, with one of the most popular ones being saving on costs and increasing profits.

    Many small to medium sized organisations will try to allocate various HR tasks to a number of employees such as Directors or Department Heads to deal with HR problems.

    This not only takes away valuable time where that member of staff could be engaged in revenue generating activities, but also exposes organisations to unnecessary risks.

    Often HR problems are outside the expertise of the employee attempting to deal with them. This leads to mistakes which end up costing the organisation significant amounts of money and damage to reputation.

    Outsourcing HR allows organisations to benefit from a high-level of expertise which they would otherwise be unable to access. HR support services can be used to support existing HR departments or as a complete solution where there is no dedicated HR resource already in place.

    Outsourcing to PeoplePointHR provides great flexibility, meaning that our services can be used on an ad-hoc basis to deal with specific issues as they occur, or on a retained basis to service all of your HR and employment law needs.

    Compliance with relevant legislation is another key concern for most organisations. From Health and Safety to the latest employment laws, organisations need to ensure that they remain on top of the latest changes and adapt accordingly.

    We are aware that each industry deals with their own set of regulations and compliance complexities, and adjust our services to you based on your requirements. Outsourcing regulatory matters to specialists’ means that you can focus on the key areas of your business, safe in the knowledge that your compliance needs are met.

    PeoplepointHR utilises the latest technology to service your HR needs. We have invested significant amounts into systems which give us the ability to provide you with management information and reporting solutions to best monitor key performance indicators in your business.

    By outsourcing your HR needs to PeoplepointHR, we will ensure you have the right partner to drive success and take your organisation to the next level.