Employee handbooks

HR documentation: Employee handbooks

An employee handbook is a book given to employees by an organisation and contains important information about company policies and procedures.

It is often given to employees at the start of their employment during the induction process and is a good way of helping them understand the key policies, benefits and expectations of your organisation.Employee Handbook

The employee handbook and employment contract

Usually the employee handbook accompanies the main contract of employment and as such organisations are recommended to make it a requirement of new employees to sign a confirmation that they have received the handbook.

Having an employee handbook is not a legal requirement; however you must ensure that all employees are aware of all company policies to avoid claims of unfair dismissal should any issues arise.

It is therefore advisable that organisations collate all their policies and procedures into a convenient handbook which can act as a reference point for all staff and management.

Employee handbooks

What does an employee handbook contain?

Employee handbooks vary in size and content and should be tailored to the needs of your organisation.

A good employee handbook should contain the following:

Benefits of having an employee handbook

A well written employee handbook has many advantages. Some of the most important benefits of having a handbook for your organisation are as follows:

  • Communication tool

Lets employees know what the rules and benefits are in relation to their employment with your organisation.

  • Set expectations

Clearly define the expectations and obligations of employment both in terms of behaviour in the work place and performance.

  • Protection

Avoid litigation and disputes by clearly setting out the policies and procedures in relation to employment and communicating these to employees.

  • Compliance

Demonstrate that you are acting in accordance with Employment Law and treating everyone consistently.

  • Time saving

Answer employee questions and refer employees to the handbook saving you time and money.

Employee handbooks

Creating an employee handbook

Creating a handbook can seem a daunting task. There are many different aspects to consider and it is often very time consuming.

PeoplePointHR HR consultants can help you to devise and implement an employee handbook that will work best for your type of organisation and employees.

By working closely with you we can draft a HR handbook along with associated policies,  procedures and HR documents that will leave you safe in the knowledge that  you have a compliant suite of documents that meet the needs of your business.

HR documentation service

As part of our HR documentation service we will:

  • Review your current HR employee handbook (if you have one)
  • Review any associated HR policies in line with current employment legislation
  • Provide you with guidance on how to update your handbook when there is a change of policy or legislation

Leaving you with your own personalised and professional HR employee handbook that is well written and compliant with the latest employment laws.

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