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Absence Management Advice

Absence Management
I found the toolkit on Absence Management to be really useful. Not only because it provides a clear explanation of exactly what I need to do and gives me the forms and everything that I need to manage absence here, but also because there is the opportunity to ask questions relating to my own workplace and the absence issues that I am dealing with day to day. Julie, CIPD, People Services Officer, St Ives Group, London

Absence Management Advice

Statutory Time Off:

Most workers will have the right to take time off work for various reasons; therefore it is crucial that you have a decent Absence Management system in place.
As a Business Owner or Employer, you must understand what rights an employee has and what you can or cannot restrict.

Our consultants are able to provide you with detailed and professional Absence Management advice that will inform you of your employee’s rights.

PeoplePointHR has an excellent track record when it comes to helping companies develop their own Absence Management system.


Some examples of statutory time off are:

• Maternity/Paternity Leave
• Shared Parental Leave
• Dependency Leave
• Jury Service


If you work in a sector such as emergency services or the armed forces, you may find that the rules on statutory time off differ slightly.

Different reasons for time off will dictate whether or not you have to pay your employee for the absence.

The law or the employment contract will dictate how much you may have to pay, and this is something we can look and clarify for you when assisting with your company’s Absence Management process.

Another important part of Absence Management is creating an absence reporting procedure, which explains how employees are expected to go about reporting absences and who they are to inform. You should also have preparations in place for back to work interviews, which is another arrangement we can make for you.

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Excessive absences can have a detrimental effect on your business, which is why having a sophisticated Absence Management system is crucial if you want to improve employee productivity and ultimately become more successful as a business.

Expert Help With Absence Management

If you are concerned about staff absence in your business or unsure of your obligations to your employees, please call our free advice helpline on 0330 555 2555 and we will be able to offer guidance.

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