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GDPR for Employers – Employee Data Protection

GDPR for Employers
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GDPR for Employers – Employee Data Protection

Data protection plays a large part in the way businesses operate.  However, the new General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR), from May 2018, have revolutionised the way companies are able to go about their day to day business.

The new regulations include clauses regarding the information businesses hold on their employees and clients, and this is ultimately one of the key parts of the GDPR for employers that must not be taken lightly.

Under the GDPR, Subject Access Requests (SAR’s) must be responded to by employers within a shorter time period than under the DPA.

However, where the requests are significantly more complex, employers may have up to three months to respond. Identifying and managing complex requests is something we can assist with when providing advice on the GDPR for employers.

The worst thing a company can do is to delay preparing for the GDPR, as there are hefty fines for those who fail to follow the regulations and this could see some companies being put out of business.

As an employer, it is pivotal that your employees know exactly what changes are due to be introduced and what will be expected of them in the event that your business has suffered a data breach.

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It is important to remember that the GDPR is not necessarily about making your company impenetrable, but also having an organised and sophisticated response plan in place to minimise the aftermath of a breach.

Professional Advice on the GDPR For Employers

The GDPR will affect companies working in every sector, with some likely having more requirements to make changes than others.

By following our guidance on the GDPR for employers, you will not need to worry about being caught out for non-compliance. PeoplePointHR can ensure that your business continues to prosper and is not in any way held back by the new rules.

If you are an employer or business owner then we can work with you to highlight exactly what the GDPR means for you, how best to implement changes, tips on how to remain compliant and bespoke training courses delivered to your managers and employees.


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