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Maternity Advice for Employers

Maternity Advice
Knowing that we have the benefit of access to the PeoplePointHR services has saved me a lot of time and indecision about how best to tackle the day to day issues that come with employing people. Nick, Manager, EDES, Salford Quays

Maternity Advice for Employers

Managing pregnant employees and arranging maternity leave and pay is often a delicate subject, which, when handled improperly, could possibly lead to accusations of unfair treatment and discrimination. Our Maternity Advice is designed to prevent this from happening to your business.


By following our specialised Pregnancy & Maternity Advice, you can be safe in the knowledge that you are meeting your obligations as an employer whilst also creating a safe working environment for any of your employees that may become or are already expectant mothers.

You must ensure that your pregnant employees whilst in work and then on maternity leave know they are supported and still possess the same rights as working employees. When returning to work, they may be entitled to continue working in their original role, or at least, be offered a suitable alternative.

Following the announcement of an employee’s pregnancy, we can help you devise a risk assessment to ensure that she is not engaging in potentially harmful work (for example, heavy lifting or being exposed to certain chemicals) and taking appropriate rest ensuring that, moving forward, her employment rights are not breached.

It’s important to remember that by law, new mothers cannot return to work until two weeks have passed since giving birth (this is four weeks for a factory worker).

Our Pregnancy & Maternity Advice can help determine if your employee is entitled to Statutory Maternity Pay (SMP) and if they do qualify what you will need to pay when you need to start paying it and for how long.

Along with this most workers will be entitled to take up to 52 weeks Statutory Maternity Leave.


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Considerate and Experienced Maternity Advice With PeoplePointHR

Our expert HR consultants will provide you with personalised Maternity Advice and make sure that your employee’s return to work is as supported and well-organised as possible, as well as dealing with any issues which may arise during the maternity leave period.

As an employer, showing you are compassionate and supportive towards your employees during their pregnancy not only improves staff morale generally but also ensures that any grievances raised or Employment Tribunal claims submitted can be defended rigorously.

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