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Redundancy Management and Advice

PeoplePointHR continue to be a regular go-to point for us, helping us to be sure that what we are doing is legal, safe and appropriate from a compliance perspective and won’t get us into trouble further down the line. Danny, Business Owner, Huddlespace, Manchester

Redundancy Management and Advice

Redundancy is something which happens to even the most successful businesses and should always be dealt with correctly in order to avoid legal complications.

PeoplePointHR is able to help you devise a fair, compliant and efficient redundancy management procedure that can be used by businesses working in all sectors, should the situation of making someone redundant ever occur.

The first thing we will assess is how your business can save on certain expenses throughout the process and whether or not it is possible to save employees from Redundancy. This could mean shifting the nature and titles of job roles and responsibilities in order to accommodate for those whose job no longer exists.

Redundancy is a complex procedure that can naturally bring disappointment to the affected employees, but if the procedure is not implemented properly, it could lead to an employee pursuing a claim against you for unfair dismissal.

Upon notifying employees that they are facing Redundancy, our team will manage any appeals should they wish to challenge the decision.

PeoplePointHR can assist you along every step of the Redundancy process, including guidance on selecting employees to be made redundant. When identifying employees for Redundancy, we will make sure the criteria for such a selection is objective and consistent.

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We will also calculate Redundancy payments for you, as not only is this a time-consuming task but it must be done accurately and carefully.
Anyone who has been employed by you for a minimum of two years is legally entitled to receive Redundancy pay, and this is something we will take care of to ensure every employee is paid what they are rightfully owed.

When you instruct PeoplePointHR to assist you with Redundancy management, you will be assured that the right decisions are being made with the best interests of your business at heart.

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If your business requires a compliant and fair Redundancy management procedure, our consultants and employment law specialists are here to help supply you with exactly what you need. Please call us on 0330 555 2555 today.

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