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TUPE Transfers and Management

In light of significant changes within our business, we recognised a need to bring in some additional HR and Employment Law expertise to support our existing HR staff with these changes. These included acquisitions and the subsequent transfer of staff from other businesses into our group as well as some restructuring and redundancy handling on the back of this. Sandra, Head of HR, St Ives Group, London

TUPE Transfers and Management

TUPE refers to the “Transfer of Undertakings (Protection of Employment) Regulations 2006” and is a piece of legislation that applies to organisations of all sizes.

These rules protect the rights of all employees when the organisation they work for is taken over by new management.


The employer who initiates the transfer is known as the ‘outgoing employer’ or ‘the transferor’, and under TUPE rules, they have an obligation to provide the new employer (also known as the transferee) with thorough employee liability information, and an obligation to inform staff of the TUPE transfer at the earliest possible date.


Employers who fail to consult properly and consequently breach TUPE rules could be made to pay thousands of pounds in compensation.

There is also a greater onus on time management when it comes to TUPE transfers, and PeoplePointHR can ensure you meet all the crucial deadlines.


TUPE is an immensely complicated piece of employment legislation and should not be taken lightly. If you are or are going to be involved in a situation where TUPE may apply then it is imperative that you seek professional guidance.

Call our free advice line and we can assess your situation and offer guidance as to the next steps of the TUPE process you may have to take.

Regardless of the size of your business, we will ensure the outcome is successful.

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How Can PeoplePointHR Help With TUPE Transfers?

Our team of consultants are able to quickly arrange consultations with employees informing them of the TUPE process and how it will affect them, as well as plan any possible redundancies for you and help to deliver employee liability to the incoming organisation.

These are just three examples of how we will help in any TUPE transfer processes, but we are able to offer so much more which will guarantee the smooth and compliant transition of your company.


Please don’t hesitate to contact PeoplePointHR today on 0330 555 2555 to receive tailored and professional advice.

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