Reorganising your company

HR advice and support services

In order to lead the reorganisation of your company to success, you need to ensure you have a solid strategy in place as well as have your staff fully on board with the changes that are about to be made.

The process of reorganising your business can be lengthy and challenging and requires planning, monitoring and strong people management.

Restructuring and reorganisation

Reorganisation can be the result of many internal and/or external factors, such as current problems, expansion or downsizing of your business, key staff members leaving or other external changes that require substantial reorganisation of your company.

The importance of HR during a reorganisation

Change brings a feeling of uncertainty to your staff members and uncertainty leads to feelings of fear. This can be distracting for your staff members and worsen your employee productivity and employee engagement levels. The process of reorganising departments, teams or the organisation as a whole will have a strong effect on every individual in the organisation and needs to be managed accordingly.

HR departments specialise in the management of people through difficult times. HR professionals understand the challenges organisations face in communicating plans and are there to assist each step of the way. During the reorganising process, HR support is there to support management and employees alike to assist in a smooth transition and meet predefined organisational goals.

reorganisation and restructuring

Goal setting

Why are you choosing reorganisation?

You need to know why you are reorganising your organisation in order to structure steps towards your intended goal and to communicate your reorganisation steps clearly to your employees.

You can set your reorganisation goals on the business level, followed by derived goals for each department and from there set goals for each individual employee. Setting goals for employees will improve their understanding of their role in the reorganisation process, lowering their resistance to the changes.

Change management

Managing change is much more complex than your normal day to day management of your organisation.

When you manage change as part of your reorganisation process, you will encounter many unique issues. Your line managers have a big part to play and needs to possess the right skills and abilities. Change brings challenges to managing your staffs’ uncertainty, fear and reluctance for change.

Frequency of communication

Before, during and after reorganisation, leadership needs to communicate more frequently with staff members.

Frequent updates on what is happening due to the reorganisation process, how it’s going to happen and why it’s happening are important to keep motivating and managing employee engagement levels. You can set up contact moments and opportunities for staff to request support, assistance and training when necessary.


Clear communication

Everyone needs to know what is expected of them. When communicating matters to your employees you need to offer clear updates, goals and progress. Vague updates and partial information can lead your employees to question what is happening. This could lead employees to worry about their futures within the company.

Employee engagement

You as a business manager want your employees to engage with your reorganisation process in order to maintain productivity levels as well as staff loyalty.

Employees that feel engaged are less likely to show reluctance to change within your company. Engaged employees are easier to manage.

With a clear vision of what is expected, employees will have more ability to adapt to the structured changes.

Monitoring performance

Are your processes paying off?

Monitor your performance throughout your business and on each level, all the way down to each individual employee. Before a business starts their reorganisation and they have set goals and they need to set performance checkpoints. These checkpoints should be regular.

So in case things don’t go to plan you can quickly react and make amendments to your processes.

Reorganising company

HR support services for companies reorganising

Reorganising your company is no small matter.

Before you consider going through the reorganisation process you should ensure you have the resources available. Without the right resources you won’t meet your set goals.

If you don’t have the right resources, you can choose to outsource some of your support services. When it comes to outsourcing your HR needs, PeoplePointHR can help you not only with the full reorganisation process, but can also offer continuous support for your organisation with all your HR needs, helping you achieve operational excellence and satisfied employees.