Occupational health services

Improve employee well-being and reduce absenteeism

We work with your organisation to improve employee well-being and reduce absenteeism from work. Our network of occupational health professionals can provide you with a one-off service or help implement a longer term solution.

Effective management of the health and well-being of employees can contribute to performance improvement and minimise employee absences.

Occupational health professionals are proven to aid the recovery of physical and mental conditions that would otherwise inhibit employees from working. More importantly, occupational health services can assist in the well-being and safety of your team whilst they are in work, thus reducing the likelihood of work-related health degradation occurring.

How does occupational health work?

Absence management

Absence management referrals can be easily implemented to form part of your businesses overall absence and sickness policy.

When predefined time scales and or circumstances are met, a management referral is triggered and the process can begin to assist the employee with their illness or injury and speed up their recovery to ensure they are fit to return to work.

Whether the condition is mental, physical or a combination of both, assessment and treatment is tailored to the individual’s needs and arranged with convenience in mind for the employee affected.

Occupational health services

PeoplePointHR occupational health specialities

In addition to our qualified team of occupational health advisors, physicians and therapists, PeoplePointHR has access to a nationwide network of professionals covering a variety of specialities.

Specialities include but are not limited to:

  • Physiotherapists

Help restore function and movement. Employees suffering from physical injuries such as back aches or shoulder problems can benefit from receiving this treatment to speed up their recovery.

  • Occupational therapists

Provide support to individuals whose health inhibits their ability to work. The therapist will identify your employee’s strengths and impediments and analyse any workplace or lifestyle improvements that can be made to facilitate a return to work.

Those often in need of occupational therapy are those suffering from severe arthritis, bipolar disorder, learning disabilities or those recently undergoing surgery.

  • Cognitive behavioural therapists (CBT)

Look at an individual’s thoughts and feelings that are negatively impacting their ability to perform workplace tasks. CBT aims to help deal with overwhelming problems and negative thought patterns by devising tailored coping strategies that will assist in a more balanced outlook. Common uses for CBT are, OCD, panic and anxiety, PTSD, eating disorders, IBS and chronic fatigue syndrome.

  • Chiropractors

Are health care professionals that focus their attention on the treatment of neuromuscular disorders with the manipulation of the spine. Education is also provided through exercise programs and ergonomics.

  • Osteopaths

Detect, treat and prevent future health problems by the use of massage, movement and stretching of joints and muscles. The aim is to increase mobility, relieve muscle tension and enhance blood supply, all of which aid the bodies healing process.

  • Surgery

Some conditions may require surgery and we can arrange this for you through our panel of experts where necessary.

All individuals who are referred to us for will be triaged over the phone or face to face if necessary.

Following the assessment, a detailed report will be produced which reports on the condition, suitable treatments, time frames, costs and a return to work plan for the employee.

Our occupational health services 

Our occupational health services include:

  • Assessing employees on sick leave, advising on the likely timescale of absence and promoting an effective return to work
  • Assistance with fit to work procedures
  • Undertaking pre-employment health assessments where necessary
  • Ensuring compliance with the Data Protection Act, the Equality Act and medical confidentiality
  • Introducing programmes to support the health and wellbeing of the workforce, such as cycling facilities and availability of healthy snacks
  • Providing confidential health advice and counselling to employees
  • Advising employers on complex issues such as alcohol and drug misuse

Why use occupational health services?

There is little doubt that an effective occupational health programme pays dividends for both employer and employee by:

  • Reducing costs associated with staff absence and sickness in terms of management, administration and sick pay
  • Offering professional and independent advice
  • Providing reinforcement of current procedures
  • Enabling better understanding for managers and human resource departments
  • Reducing staff attrition rates and costs of recruitment and training
  • Increasing staff morale by dealing with absence effectively and by providing support
  • Adding additional layers of compliance for health and safety and disability legislation
  • Returning on investment pays for itself

If you would like to discuss our range of occupational health services, then do not hesitate to contact PeoplePointHR directly. Our experienced HR consultants will be happy to discuss our full range of services and explain how our occupational health service can benefit your business.

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