HR Health Check Template

Have you ever wondered how compliant your HR procedures currently are? Why not do a quick check with our HR health check template today.

Start with a basic HR health check

At PeoplePointHR we like to run a full HR company diagnostic with our clients which helps us to better understand their business. This provides us with a clearer picture of what the current HR requirements are, so we can give advice on how to improve and grow.

However, such in depth diagnostics are very time consuming. So for businesses that are just starting to assess their HR requirements the below HR health check template can give some great initial insights.

Take the health check test

HR Health Check Template

Do you ask all prospective employees to complete a job application form?
Do you use an interview rating sheet, including a scoring system?
Do your employees have a statement of main terms (contract of employment)?
Is the contract of employment issued to staff within 8 weeks (2 months) of the start date?
Do you have an employee handbook detailing your business’ rules, policies & procedures?
Is your employee handbook updated with changes you make to your business operation?
Do you have a written disciplinary (which includes a short service dismissal clause), dismissal, appeal & grievance procedure?
Does the above procedure comply with the ACAS code of conduct?
Do you continually review your contracts and handbook in line with changes in the law?
Do you have a source of professional advice to guide you on employee issues or disputes?

HR Risk Profiling Results

Do you think your company may be at risk of the following;

  • Not being able to defend a pre-employment tribunal due to lack of interview paperwork
  • Breaching the legal requirement to ensure all staff have contractual terms and agreement within the legal timeframe
  • Leaving yourself open to  uncertainty in regards to what staff can and cannot do in the workplace without the structure of a handbook/policies
  • Failing to abide by the ACAS code of practice
  • Not having the correct support to ensure you deal with employee related issues in the correct manner

Health check scoring

Answer the questions in the HR health check template above honestly with either a “Yes” or “No” and finish by counting up the amount of questions you answered “Yes” to. If you were thinking “maybe” or “sometimes” with some of the questions then the answer is definitely “No”.

You answered 0 to 3 questions with “Yes”

Take urgent action. Your business is at risk of one or more of the above.

You answered 4 to 6 questions with “Yes”

Further action is required. You have some of your HR risks covered, however there are still many areas in which you need to improve before you can be confident that you are fully compliant.

You answered 7 to 9 questions with “Yes”

You are doing great, however there is still room to improve. Some issues do still need to be addressed and should not be overlooked.

You answered 10 “Yes”

You are fantastic, keep it up. However do keep assessing your HR processes and stay up to date with the latest updates in employment law at all times, or your ranking will definitely drop.

HR Health Check

Our comprehensive HR Health Check

The HR health check template as shown above will give you basic insights into your current state of affairs only. Therefore further in depth analysis is required to ensure you are compliant and fully up to date with the latest employment law.

If you choose to go beyond the simple health check template, and require a full company audit of your HR processes, outsourcing will likely be your best option.

When you need more than a quick check

At PeoplePointHR, we call the comprehensive health checks we offer our clients our ‘full HR diagnostic’, as we get into every area of your HR policies and structure with you. For businesses interested in seeing what we can do for them, a more detailed one of HR review may be the answer.

HR aspects to check

Through our specialised HR diagnostic we will assess the following areas thoroughly before setting out recommendations and strategies to overcome any initial issues and to set out your HR strategy for the future.

Sector specific HR

Each sector will have its own challenges. In addition to general employment law many businesses also need to comply with sector specific legislation or have common issues within their sector which can further complicate matters.

Depending on the type of business you have and the sector you operate in we will incorporate these elements into your HR diagnosis.

Key Performance Indicators

Your Key Performance Indicators, also known as KPIs, will help your business further assess the current company health. In HR the main KPIs we will be looking at are:

  • Absence rate
  • Staff turnover rate
  • Disciplinary rate
  • Grievance rate
  • Overtime rate
  • Training rate

Why HR health checks are important to any business

Reason 1: Compliance

No matter what size your company is, if you employ staff, you need to abide by British employment law. With changes coming through regularly this can often prove quite a challenge, especially for businesses that do not employ any HR consultants or employment law advisers.

Reason 2: Performance

Not only do you want to be certain you are not at any risk of employment tribunal, you also want to ensure your staff perform to the best of their abilities. Performance management and employee development are intricate aspects of human resource management and can have a significant impact on your bottom line.

Reason 3: Growth

Growth is only possible when your employees perform well and are able to adapt easily to the necessary changes to accommodate your business’ growth.

How our HR health checks work

Depending on where you are based and what you require we can either come to you or schedule in time to speak over the phone. We will then go through each relevant section with you to fully analyse your HR need.

We will furthermore discuss which recommendations and services are best suited for you, in case where this is relevant. Our consultants can be be reached between business hours on 0330 555 2555 or you can message us here or by email on