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Successfully Delivering our First Seminar

Two of our esteemed consultants held their first seminar of 2018 on 30th January covering GDPR and we are delighted to say it was a huge success.

What Happened on the Day of the Seminar?

With individuals from over twenty different businesses attending our seminar, hosted by Employment Law adviser Hannah Fisher and Senior Employment Law adviser Natasha Lawless, it is fair to say there was much food for thought to be had!

The two main subjects covered were the recent changes in UK employment law, including what to expect for your business in 2018, followed by an in-depth explanation of the ever-perplexing GDPR.

GDPR seminar

Kicking off the seminar, Hannah talked us all through the recent and upcoming updates to employment law, bringing our audience up to speed the changes they can expect to see. The rise in the National Minimum wage, Gender Pay Gap reporting, the scrapping of the Fit-to-Work scheme and the imminent changes to statutory sick pay are just four of the topics which were covered first.

Explaining GDPR and how it will Affect your Business

Whilst these aspects of employment law are all crucial in their own way, the most pressing hot-topic of the day was undoubtedly the GDPR.

Given that it is such an extensive subject, Hannah broke the session down into bite-size digestible chunks by demonstrating the top five key steps to becoming compliant, including the importance of drafting a privacy notice and how to react to a breach.

This approach proved to be very popular and meant that everyone in the audience walked away equipped with knowledge on how to make their business compliant with the rules in time, something which can be hard to fathom when you are just looking at GDPR in its entirety.

Once the seminar had concluded, the floor was open to questions.

Our speakers were put to the test with a large number of questions being fired at them left, right and centre, with the majority of them relating to GDPR. Using their technical knowledge and experience, Hannah and Natasha answered each and every one. The fact that so many questions arose despite masses of information being out there on the topic proves how much of a headache GDPR is causing for business owners, and therefore, we feel it is crucial that organisations seek professional guidance from a specialist HR company like PeoplePointHR.

The applause and positive feedback that followed was incredibly rewarding, with many attendees requesting a further seminar on popular employment law subjects (such as disciplinary issues, changes to terms and conditions, and advice on managing absence) which we fervently took on board.


Keep your eye out for the next PeoplePointHR seminar based on one of these topics coming in the near future!

PeoplePointHR services

Our team of consultants have the ability to help any business of any size prepare for GDPR.  We currently are able to;

  • Review and amend your HR policy and procedures
  • Draft GDPR compliant HR documentation
  • Provide GDPR training to your staff
  • Advise you on potential breaches

These are just several of the services we provide in relation to GDPR.

We had some great feedback!

‘Thanks very much for your time today, the presentation was really useful and well delivered.  It has given us lots to think about!’ – Richard Townsend

‘I found it (the seminar) really interesting and helpful’ – Jane Fox

If you would like to stay informed of our plans for future seminars, please follow our social media profiles where will be sharing invites accordingly.

We are delighted with the result of our first seminar and would like to thank everyone who attended on the 30th January.